Brass DC1

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Otherwise known as a Brass DC1, this is a brass version of the DC1 light. The great design of the DC1 plus the awesomeness of brass. What else could you possibly want? The brass version automatically comes with a copper pill for better heat dissipation and a cigar box.

So here are some specs on this light.

Material: Brass
Pill Material: Copper
LED: 3 Nichia 219cs
Optic: Carclo 10507
Modes: ML / L / M / H (with off-time memory)
Approximate Mode Currents: 2mA / 30mA / 180mA / 1300mA
Output on High: ~ 800 lumens
McClicky Switch
Cell: 1 18350 IMR Li Ion (included)
Lens: Sapphire
Weight (without battery): 144g
Driver also provides constant current control, low voltage warning, and reverse polarity protection