Drilled Carclo Optics

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These are drilled Carclo optics for holding 1.55mm x 6mm tritium vials. Be aware that this is only the optic. I do not sell tritium vials. You will need to provide your own tritium vials and be comfortable taking your flashlight apart to install them.

We have several different types of optics to choose from. The 10507 is what we put stock into our lights, so if you're not sure which one to choose, that's what we recommend. It's the narrowest of the optics, but it still has plenty of flood.

10507 -  Narrow Spot, Plain

10508 - Medium Spot, Frosted

10509 - Wide Spot, Frosted

10510 - Elliptical Ripple Linear

10511 - Narrow Spot, Frosted