DC0 Review

Our friend Greg posted this review of the DC0. He's more articulate than us, so we thought we would share it with you. Enjoy!


Hi folks! My two cents forthcoming if you choose to read it. Something of a review if you will. Cool pic of a DC0 to get everyone's attention. It was a dark room, light for the pic was from ceiling bouncing my DC1 in the backround. My good friend Dan was kind enough to send me his light after using it exclusively for edc for a month, so I could get a chance to put it through it's paces. I "met" Dan on CPF 10 years ago, and we've both had some stunning lights from pretty much every custom maker pass through our hands. I think we both speak from experience, if not strong opinion about what we like and what stands the test of time. When Dan said I needed to try one, I was all ears.

I'll start with build quality and machining- Impeccable. The knurling is just right, the stonewash well done, proportions are good, and the threads are nice and smooth, not easy to accomplish with titanium. I read where someone thought the pocketclip was too big, not proportional. I respectfully disagree, it looks fine and works just like it should.

Levels- As much fun as ramping UI's, disco modes, strobes, and programmable drivers are, there's something to be said for pre-set levels. No suprises. The low is close enough to the lowest mode I have set on my DC1, a nice compromise between a trit vial glow and too bright in the middle of the night. Medium is just above where I have my DC1 "level 2" set, so it's familiar. Enough to tailstand and dimly light the room at night if needed. Honestly, useless to me in daytime to look under a dark desk, in a dark closet, etc. Need high for that. High is just above where I have my DC1 "level 3" set, a good general purpose outdoor mode for night use, or indoor needs in daylight. It gets warm quickly on high, which tells me the Ti shell of the head is transferring heat nicely.

Mode memory is a must for me, too. I have a high dollar titanium shelf queen that I'll never sell but sees no pocket time because it always starts on low. I can't multi-click every time I take out a light to use it, it's a non-starter for me. The switch- forward clicky. It looks like a McClicky in there, may as well use the gold standard of mechanical switches. Love it, great choice. Reverse clickies have their place, but none for me, thanks. Lights with them gather dust here... (see high dollar shelf queen, above.)

I would be thrilled if Eneloop compatibility were an option, but the slim lines and pocket friendly size outweigh the 14500 only requirement for me. I'd love to see one in aluminum, and honestly this is one of the few lights I've handled I would consider in brass. It handles that good, and the shell is thin enough I don't think the weight penalty would be terrible.

The beam is stellar, I usually dislike optics but this one is very good. A hair wider beam than the DC1, but on high still a 60-70 yard beam at night, smooth and even. Great side spill for situational awareness. A great edc beam. Not a thrower, not a "Mule". Broad enough to nicely light your path at night.

Heresy alert- If Don had been willing to venture outside the E series platform, this is what the Haiku AA might have been. That comparison is meant as high praise. The DC0's elegance belies it's utility. Beautifully done, Okluma. I'll be eagerly awaiting the release of more in the near future.