Installing Tritium Vials

Supplies needed:
Needle nose pliers
Drilled Carclo Optic
Tritium Vials (We don't sell tritium due to Federal regulation)




1. Using the two notches on either side of the pill, unscrew the engine using needle nose pliers




2. Clean off the drilled Carclo optic, and carefully install trits using tweezers




3. Set the flat gasket in the head, then clean off the lens and drop it into the head, making sure the gasket and lens sit flat




4. Screw the engine into the head keeping the optic (mostly) upright, careful to only touch the outside of the lens




5. Tighten the engine using pliers, and wipe off any fingerprints from the lens




6. Voila! You've got a reassembled DC1 with trits installed